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Buy Yoga Mat Online with Anti Skid for Exercise at Gym & Home – Wine Color

(2 customer reviews)

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Yoga Mat Specification:

  • Color Wine
  • Washable – Yes
  • Application – Yoga Mat for Exercise at Gym, Home, Outdoor, Offices, Factories & Other Places
  • Scope – Men / Women / Kids
  • Offer – Available
  • Deals – Available

100 in stock

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Buy Yoga Mat Online:

Yoga is a great way to relax and connect with your body. But if you are trying to get the most out of your stretches, performing them on bare flooring can be painful when your hands, knees, and vertebrae press into the ground. This Yoga Mat instantly adds comfort and support to your fitness routine, regardless of where you like to work out! The textured design grips a wide range of surfaces, providing you with safety, balance and traction. Yoga Mat is what you need for all your yoga exercises at home. The mat is padded for comfortable activity, ensuring that you won’t be damaging your knees and feet while carrying out your yoga postures. The mat is also designed to prevent skidding so you won’t find yourself slipping out of place in the middle of your session. Firm enough to take the pressure of exercising yet soft enough to comfort the joints, the yoga mat finds a nice balance between all the requirements of a yoga mat. The material in use is durable and resistant to wear and tear, and the mat and yourself will see many yoga postures together.

Buy Online Yoga Mat - Wine Color
Buy Online Yoga Mat – Wine Color

Features of Yoga Mat:

  • DURABLE & ECO FRIENDLY YOGA MAT – The EVA material is extremely durable and eco friendly. It lasts upto 5 times more than a regular plasticky mat! The material is biodegradable and free from PVC, silicon, latex and other toxic materials. We believe in creating quality and Eco friendly products for our customers!
  • SWEAT RESISTANT AND WASHABLE YOGA MAT – Next time don’t stress when you sweat while doing yoga. The yoga mat is completely sweat resistant and has a Moisture resistant Technology which makes the mat easily washable with soap and water.
  • Earth Protected: This Yoga Mat is utilised to protect earthing system from body.
  • Comfortable Design: This Yoga Mat is designed to give you the most comfortable yoga experience possible. The extra thick mat protects joints without compromising support or stability
  • Light Weight : This yoga mat is Light weighted, Durable and has non-slip surface so you can perform any movement with confident. The subtly textured surface prevents hands and feet from slipping out of position so you can hold. It is suitable for Non-slip on Wood Floor, Cement Floor, Tiles Floor.
  • Color : This Yoga Mat has available in Wine color.
  • Care Tips: Do not place in washing machine or dryer, Please clean before and after using, clean regularly and keep it dry for healthy using.
  • Refund Policy: Refund of this Yoga mat is possible, if not used by customer and, returned to Prarabdha Online Store within a week of receiving of Yoga Mat.

Application of Yoga Mat for Exercise:

  • Yoga Mat for Gym : This Yoga Mat can be utilised at Gym for routine exercise. It cover all general stretch for each and every personality. Yoga Mat can be used by Men, Women and Kids.
  • Yoga Mat for Home : Any Man, Woman or Kids can use this Yoga Mat at home for general exercise and Yoga. It is simple to carry out and manageable.
  • Yoga Mat for Outdoor : This Yoga Mat can be carry out to different places like park, garden and outdoor gym during your routine or any specific events. This Yoga mat is very much used while organising a Yoga Camp outside the Gym and home. Yoga Mat can be utilised in stadium too.
  • Yoga Mat For Offices/ Factory/ Workshops: This Yoga Mat is very well used in offices too as it is easy to carry out and take less space to work out. Mostly those offices that has a common places of assembly use this Yoga Mat, while factories workshops with less space also use Yoga Mat to keep their employees healthy and calm during the Working Hours.
  • Availability : This Yoga Mat is available with near me option.
  • Bulk Pricing : For bulk purchase of Yoga Mat write a mail to us at
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2 reviews for Buy Yoga Mat Online with Anti Skid for Exercise at Gym & Home – Wine Color

  1. Nimesh

    This Yoga mat is so soft and comfortable to use,even the density is more than enough.

  2. Shubham

    It is good quality mat,material is very good,It is long 72 inch and 6mm thick yoga mat.

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