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Category: Home Workout / Exercise

Home Workout / Exercise

Home Workout / Exercise

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  • Buy Online Ab Double Wheel

    579.00 299.00
    • Engages core muscles for stability and strength.
    • Strengthens and Tones ABS, Shoulders, Arms and Back with dual ab wheel.
    • Knee pad supports the knees during workout, portable and compact in shape, size.
    • Quick Installation in no time, just stick 2 rollers together and apply closure on both ends on the rod.
    • DURABLE – The non-skid wheel for stability glides across any surface without slipping or shaking, providing a reliable tool to control your movements when exercising your core.
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  • Buy Online Yoga Belt 8 Feet

    259.00 180.00
    • Yoga is a challenging stretch
    • Help the body stretching depth
    • Supports body in Yoga posture
    • Anti-slip buckle with adjustable length
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  • Buy Online Yoga Block/Brick

    900.00 599.00
    • yoga blocks help promote better balance, proper alignment, and deeper poses.Yoga blocks provide a comfortable foundation as you move through your yoga workout.
    • Material: Soft EVA Foam, Size: 3” x 6” x 9” Inch, Color: Multi-Color (color will be sent as per availability), IN PACKAGE 2 x Yoga Block.
    • Made from moisture-proof, non-slip, waterproof, non-toxic and eco-friendly EVA foam. Rounded edges and corners for extra comfort and grip. Lightweight yet sturdy foam block.
    • Helpful for people to shape a more flexible body to perform some difficult poses & support you to hold that poses longer and better.
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